Located off Rosecrans Avenue in Manhattan Beach, Pachanga Mexican Grill has been a staple of the Manhattan Market Shopping Place for twenty years. 
The restaurant contacted us with a request to add some visual flavor to this long standing establishment. After visiting the site and discussing the needs of the client, we discovered that this would be a unique project that spanned four different walls of the restaurant. Our inspiration for the mural will began with the name Pachanga, which roughly translates to “lively celebration.” We agreed that the mural would be vibrant, playfully bold and visually continuous to tie the front and the back of the room together.  

Visitors are immediately greeted with festive cheer.

We chose a palette to compliment the preexisting interior design of the restaurant. Using dynamic, slightly abstract illustrations of ingredients found in the restaurant’s menu we hope that customers will be greeted with a sense of festivity from the walls.  

A simple yet dynamic layout energizes the interior of the restaurant.

Design and execution done in collaboration with Wilmer Reyes of @southpawrksigns.
Additional on-site assistance from Steve Medrano.
Manhattan Beach, CA, March 2022
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